I am giving up! sadly, hope they'll do something

I might be completely off base with my post, but it definitely gives me hope about SOMETHING HAPPENING. I mean, I'm sure there is SO much happening that we haven't even uncovered yet (We didn't know about the Culper Ring until 100+ years later), but that's why we keep digging and datefagging and hoping :). You have to get the sub-quest 'No Small Mercies' from Magister Julian first (which is done by giving him the Letter from the Dwarven Queen). Killing Lohar gives you 6000 XP (the other 3 guards and prisoner award 2000 XP each, total 8k). After 3 seconds the sub-quest 'No Small Mercies' updates, giving you 5000 XP. The other thing I encounter is men who are want something with out giving anything in return. I'll keep on travelling the world and enjoying my life and maybe one day they'll be someone with whom ... Alicia Ch. 01 - Babysitting Blackmail (4.67): Alicia finds a babysitting job that pays differently. NonConsent/Reluctance 01/14/22: Alicia Ch. 02 - Alicia and Amy's Revenge (4.84): Alicia and Amy play Henry at his own game. This time around, Debonairs Pizza Elukwatini donated 70 Snackster pizzas, as well as pizza flat bread. When the team made the drop-off, the centre had just prepared soup for its visitors. The Doughnation came at precisely the right time, giving the centre’s charges something to enjoy with their soup. 12 Cams, 3 Teens 2 Milfs & 1 Wife: 7 Part Series: 12 Cams, 3 Teens 2 Milfs & 1 Wife Ch. 01: The Move (4.45): Security cameras sees more than expected. Incest/Taboo 05/19/20 The ONE STI learning model strengthens STI’s existing blended learning mode that combines independent online learning at home via the eLearning Management System (eLMS) with the invaluable hands-on training in simulation laboratories onsite or on-campus. To solidify (or “secure”) their relationship with you, they may profess that your stance on something is identical to theirs, or that they really admire you for how astute, smart, or savvy you ...

2022.01.26 16:54 zacharias1703 I am giving up! sadly, hope they'll do something

Hey, I have on longer periods contacted support for an issue where the recording stops after 1-2 minutes it happens every time on some services, the content plays fine in the browser and I also used visible.mmt and it shows the content so fine but still stops, it runs in a loop with the same questions, in support, I am getting tired. Canceling for now until something happens sadly
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2022.01.26 16:54 anonaf123 extreme aggression 3 nights in a row?

hey guys so lately for the past 3 days I've been having rage fueled dreams. The first one I was at my parents house just absolutely trashing the place and yelling at everyone in the family... throwing things around, breaking the TV telling my sister I'm going to beat the crap out of here and so on and so on
The second day I was at work and something about the government came out and everyone at the gym (I work at a gym) went absolutely haywire, I'm talking last one standing in a fight to the death. There were a couple of my friends in the second one but I remember being really really angry and just absolutely wrecking everyone. Extremely violet and complete chaos. My friends and I were the last ones standing because we all have been to the gym and knew all the secret rooms and where all the tools were.
The third day which was tonight I remember being in a dark forest and just absolutely throwing around aggression like it was nothing, just trying to beat the first and throwing logs around and sticks and screaming at the top of my lungs.
I would like to know what these dreams mean they all have a common theme of me being extremely angry and taking my aggression out on the world
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2022.01.26 16:54 Gentlesins7 How much roughly will this cost to fix a crack on my rear bumper?

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2022.01.26 16:54 pooopybooy I feel like i could improve this team even more so you guys got any idea

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2022.01.26 16:54 NatashaYoda2402 Drag click mouse

Hewwo :3 I was recently checking out some new mice for drag clicking and speed bridging. But kinda confused over which one to buy since they are either expensive or have mixed reviews. So drop in some suggestions about which mouse is good for both and also not expensive (preferably under USD 30). Thanks <3
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2022.01.26 16:54 Gingi0 As I got out on the 21st floor, the elevator operator said, "Have a good day, son."

"Son? You're not my dad!" I replied.
"No, but I brought you up, didn't I."
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2022.01.26 16:54 Sunribbon Question help/advice

So looking for advice on asking a question. Been dating a guy for about 2 months. Hadn't discussed being exclusive and I know he has an active social life. Didn't bother me bc when I asked how many other woman he was sleeping with, it was only me. Now I've found out he went out of town with another woman. I know I need to discuss this with him, but what do I say?? My ex husband cheated and I'm sensitive to that.
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2022.01.26 16:54 tha_bigdizzle Anyone know how to do this?

We have an ongoing issue where my wife forgets to close our garage door when coming home. I realize this sounds sort of bizarre but it is what it is.
I bought a third reality door sensor and I'm trying to figure out the best way to set it up in alexa, I'm wondering if anyone else has used it? I have a routine setup right now that, when triggered, alexa will send an announcement that the garage door is open. Id like this to happen every five minutes, but once alexa detects the garage door is closed, then cancel that routine. I cant seem to figure out a way to do this. All that happens is when the door is opened, it sends a message the door is opened - whether it gets left open or not. So what Im trying to do is more a long the lines of 1 - door is opened
2 - wait 15 minutes
3 - check status of door door is open do action A, door is closed, do action B (nothing).
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2022.01.26 16:54 SamsaSpoon How to make purified spruce resin a.k.a. Burgundy Pitch

Spruce is the most common conifer where I live and the tree that gives – by far – the most resin.
Most of that however is a very mediocre quality. The typical spruce resin is completely opaque and its colors on the inside vary from a creamy white, to caramel, shades of orange and bright pink, often marbled. This type has a coniferous resin smell but with a very unpleasant sweet character that can be reminiscent to cow stable or even dog poop. :( This is especially true for very young resin. Aging improves the smell but this can take literally years (if not decades).
I found a method how to improve the smell. It’s still not perfect but good enough to share what I found out.
Some years back, I found a blog post (German) that describes a method, how to use an old wool sock with a stone in in it to clean resin. You put everything in the sock, tie it up and drown it in a pot of boiling water. The resin gets liquid and escapes though the fabric while all dirt is left captured inside. Hot resin is lighter than water so it floats to the surface where you can collect it with a spoon.
The result is a toffee looking, purified resin, often called “Burgundy Pitch”. But this term is also often used to refer to Rosin/Colophony of various conifer resins (or blends of them). Colophony is, strictly speaking, the resinous remain of pine resin after the turpentine (which is its essential oil) got distilled out. “Rosin” is a general term for the remains from essential oil distillation of resins of all kinds. But they are also often used interchangeably. What we will get here is a very potent Burgundy Pitch with a lot of essential oil left in it.
It works but takes many hours. The author suggests putting the liquid resin in a bowl of cold water; I very quickly decided that pouring spoons full on baking sheet is better. (Later switched to a silicone mat). That way, I made resin “coins” of about 3-5g each.
A lot of resin will stick to the wool and you can't reuse that thing. The author also states that you still have to let the Burgundy Pitch dry for years. There must be a better way, I thought.
My next step was to replace the sock for a mason jar where I made a cut-out in the lid to insert a metal mesh (from a broken kitchen sieve). Reusable, better to clean but cooking takes even longer than with the sock.
Then last year, I stumbled over an Apothecary’s Garden article on how to extract resin and boswellic acids from Frankincense and tried the method for spruce resin.
Dan Riegler simply hangs a big kitchen sieve in a pot and stirs it. It’s WAY faster. Even considering that I chose to add a second boiling run-through with a finer sieve to remove all the tiny dirt bits.
I did 2 batches. One in May, using not so nice quality from my stock, plus some freshly found, still pasty resin. The second batch I made in September, using the whole harvest of 2021 (excluding the special and remarkably nice stuff).
For the first batch I started with 345g. After the first filtration (that took about 45min.) with a standard kitchen sieve, 268g were left. After the second run-trough (80min.) using a tea sieve, 243g.
I needed to remove filtered resin from outside the sieve during the process, most likely because I work with a larger amount of resin than he suggests. It starts to drift back into the sieve otherwise during the first run and I don’t like the idea of keeping it at that temperature for that long. I used an tablespoon to give it into a bowl, lined with baking sheet.
Prepare to replace evaporating water during the whole process.
The next day I put it in the oven like Dan suggests, to try getting rid of the remaining water. The settings he states may work for frankincense resin extract but not for Burgundy Pitch. It loses way too much of the volatile aromatic oils and there’s still a lot water left.
I switched to using the residual heat of the oven to keep the resin soft and flexible and proceeded to knead it to press out the captured water. (If you ever worked with ceramic clay – think of how you treat it to remove air bubbles.) Now left were only 191 grams.
The warming and kneading are also what I did with the second batch. I repeated it 5-6 times. If you move fast you can swipe of the leaking water using a cloth without getting it stuck.
Things I changed with batch 2:

Pictures (Second batch):
Cooking process 1
Remaining dirt
Result after first filtration 1 and 2
Second run-through
For the second boiling, I didn’t put in all resin at once. I removed dirt in between and added more resin when there was enough space again.
dirt 2
Result 2
Final product after kneading
Kneading is a good way to get rid of the water inclusions but there is bound moisture that shows in the resins color. I have years old pieces from my early tries that got darker and sometimes translucent. You can see the thicker ones still have an opaque core. (I can’t tell how old they are, I was so bad at taking notes back then. I only know for sure that they are from before 2016, all different batches, the clear one is from the sock batch.
My overall philosophy for aromatics is to leave them as whole as possible as long as it’s just stored to prevent loss of odor. In this case, grinding it may be the best way to get rid of the moisture in a timely fashion. Why? It negatively effects the scent. It's hard to explain but you smell the moisture.
Every batch smells slightly different if you compare it one by one but it definitely loses the foul smell within this process. My theory is that, whatever causes this, is water soluble and remains in the pot. (The water has that smell.) This is another reason why the second run through is necessary in my opinion. (The first reason is the big chunks of dirt.) I reused the water for the second run-through.
If you think about trying this, do it outside or live with the fact that your house will smell of spruce for a week.
This process will work with every conifer resin if you feel the need to clean it.
I save the still high in resin dirt to use as a firestarter for campfires - don’t use this for your wood stove! (For the same reasons you should only use dry wood and not much of very pitchy woods like pine.)

I could have included a ton more of details but the text fills already two whole pages. Feel free to ask me everything if you miss some info or got any further questions.
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2022.01.26 16:54 stumpycamel 🎁 Follow @theNFTdicks on TWITTER to win 0.1/$300+ eth NFT dick TODAY🎁

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2022.01.26 16:54 1stCaptainSkrall Well that was quick

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2022.01.26 16:54 diagnosedbadboy Lyla 2, me, acrylic, 2022

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2022.01.26 16:54 SwisherUnsweet BOONKGANG WHOLE LOTTA GANG SHIT

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2022.01.26 16:54 captdan96 So, I think a show about Shepard MIGHT work

Just hear me out. We all love the story and the characters. I think it'd be awesome if more people (non-gamers) got to experience Shepard's story. From what I've read on here, the most common argument against a show about the trilogy is we all have different versions for our Shepard's, our own canon, and a TV show will force Bioware to declare a certain outcome THE canon and everything else is essentially thrown in the dustbin.
So I'd probably be on board if the show was presented as "Streaming Service's canon", or something to that effect. It would be made primarily with those who haven't experienced the trilogy in mind; essentially acting as a "playthrough" of the trilogy for people who don't play video games. If it's treated as just one more canon on top of the millions we have collectively made so far, I think that would alleviate concerns about Bioware creating an official canon to the series and removing the player choice aspect of the game.
That way we wouldn't be upset at having our decisions thrown out, we would just make fun of the writers for not picking the obviously correct love interest
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2022.01.26 16:54 unownsies 1min

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2022.01.26 16:54 Minute_Performer746 I was looking to buy a great e scooter, I returned my Hiboy pro for the Varla eagle one. Is the eagle one on par with Nanrobot D6? I really like the eagle one and all the reviews? Thx

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2022.01.26 16:54 EusebiaGoldstein WGMI, which is coming soon, will be an actively managed ETF available through Nasdaq that invests in public companies in the bitcoin mining industry.

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2022.01.26 16:54 MonthlyPuroresu Mick Foley sat down with us to discuss his love of Japanese Wrestling and his time in AJPW

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2022.01.26 16:54 Xandroid2842 iPhone 12 not charging with older chargers.

Not sure what’s going on or why but I’ve googled it and can’t find much that I haven’t already tried. I have an iPhone 12 and it won’t work with regular usb a to lightning chargers anymore. It worked fine last night and this morning but I’ve now tried 3-4 different ones and none work on my iPhone but all will charge my airpod pros. Yes I’ve cleaned the charging port there’s nothing in it. The only thing I can get to charge my iPhone is a usb c to lightning cable with an non apple block. It may be important to mention as well that I’ve tried more than one usb a block both being apple and neither do anything for my phone now. Any help or ideas would be great as I know these chargers are still good.
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2022.01.26 16:54 Galvatron1_nyc How do I find a nephrologist focused on nutrition or herbal medicine? Anyone seeing an AHG certified herbalist specializing in kidney, that they would recommend? Thanks!

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2022.01.26 16:54 Rannrann123 Lyndon B(ased) Johnson

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2022.01.26 16:54 Repulsive-Listen-935 My First Phonk Beat

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2022.01.26 16:54 Suitable_Yak5414 Purple guy

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2022.01.26 16:54 YourGuyPreston People of Reddit, What's the best gift you've ever received and who was it from?

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2022.01.26 16:54 beratadam 🤖Flokiverse 🤖 Launching in 5 min | Contract deployed, no presales, no whitelist, fair launch for everyone, be part of this pump today!

BSC needs a leader and Flokiverse is the meme for the job He is here to create an ecosystem and a BSC contract in which it is safe to invest and trade on a daily basics. Combining the ultimate meme tokens: Shiba Inu and Doge with the new metaverse trend, Flokiverse is ready to lead the way!
Telegram Website Whitepaper
Explaining our tokenomics ✅ Our token is designed to reward holders. ✅ Therefore, all cardholders will benefit from Flokiverse redistribution after each transaction. ✅ To make our token more resistant against whales or manipulated sales, there will be use taxes. The commissions will be automatically added to the liquidity pool.
🔰 TOKENOMICS SUPPLY: 1 Trillion Liqiudity: 90% Burning wallet: 5% Marketing: 5%
🔰 TAXS - Buy: 10% - Liqiudity pool: 5% - Holders: 5%
- Sell: 10% - Liqiudity pool: 4% - Holders: 2% - Marketing: 2% - Team: 2%
Part 1 Website Launch Contract deployment 2000 Telegram Members 1000 Twitter Followers Fair launch Marketing Campaign
Part 2 Liquidity Pool Lock PancakeSwap Listing 1,000 Holders CoinGecko Listing CoinMarketCap Listing Whitepaper release
Part 3 Team AMA with community members News Partnerships 5,000 Holders CEX Listing Centralized exchanges listings
Part 4 10,000 Holders Whitepaper V2 Website Redesign Flokiverse Swap Influencer Awareness Partnerships TBA
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